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One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish


This shea-sugar cleanser/exfoliator is one of FarmHouse Freshes top 3 all-time favorites. It is a refreshing makeover for your daily routine that surprises even the toughest face product critic.

It's fabulous if you have dry, sensitive skin or rosacea. Some regular cleansers leave your face feeling tight and stripped, causing your skin to work overtime to replace lost natural oils. This voluptuous whipping micropolisher brings radiance back – reducing signs of redness and discoloration.

You'll be WOW'ed by the supple, replenished feel of your face. Plus all day long, your face takes on a dewy complexion that's just unmatched! Shea butter's many vitamins quickly penetrate to nourish skin while the micro sugar crystals clear the way for having one truly fine day.

Scented with just a hint of natural grapefruit and citrus oils.

Ingredients include: Shea Butter, Cane Sugar, and Vitamin E. 

  • 6 oz. glass jar
  • Softens & soothes dry, chapped skin, reducing redness for people with sensitive skin.
  • Fights signs of wrinkles through deep penetration of vitamin E, helping improve elasticity and aiding skin in retaining its own moisture.
  • U.S.-grown cane sugar exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface, revealing newer skin layers beneath, while prepping skin for the penetration of other products.

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