Everlasting Candle Co.

Bondi Everlasting Candle Set - Black


This starter set comes with an Everlasting Candle set, the classic Bondi Vase, and a bottle of Pristine Oil.

Everlasting Candles in black are the most versatile color choice. The smooth matte finish is the perfect color to elevate any style, in any home.

The Bondi vase is made of airy and translucent hand-blown glass in an understated and elegant rectangular shape. With a touch of laidback-luxury inspired by the coastal lifestyle, this rectangular vase seamlessly blends elegance with understated living.

Pristine Oil® is an odorless, smokeless and clean burning mineral oil to be used exclusively with the Everlasting Candle. Each bottle provides 50 hours of candlelight ambience.
  • Candles are made of steel & don't burn down
  • Vase is handblown glass and measures 4.92”H X 2.36”L
  • Candles are 8 inches in length

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