Everlasting Candle Co.

Pink Lady Everlasting Candle Set - Copper


This starter set comes with an Everlasting Candle set, the Pink Lady Vase, and a bottle of Pristine Oil.

The Everlasting Candle color Copper is a warm and comforting shade with a hint of red undertone lending a more lively energy to your living space.

The Pink Lady vase was created to stand out. A pink-hued translucent vase that provides a subtle pop of character to any home décor.

Pristine Oil® is an odorless, smokeless and clean burning mineral oil to be used exclusively with the Everlasting Candle. Each bottle provides 50 hours of candlelight ambience.
  • Candles are made of steel & don't burn down
  • Vase is handblown glass and measures 4.92”H X 2.5”L
  • Candles are 8 inches in length

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